Herbs For Health, regular classes


What Fortnightly class on Herbal medicine, foods and cosmetics
Length Three hours
When Every second Wednesday, 2-5pm
With Parvathi Nagarajan (Siddha system) & Dr Bérengère Bérieau (Ayurveda system)
Where Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville
Donation 300 pp (minimal contribution to cover costs)

Pitchandikulam Forest is a Centre of Excellence for Medicinal Plant Conservation, and is dedicated to preserving and disseminating the wealth of local traditional knowledge that exists in the Kazhuveli region.

Herbs in Tamil Nadu play a key role in people’s lives, and to understand herbs is to have a profound insight into the genius of local culture.

Our traditional herbal health experts Parvathi Nagaraj (Siddha system) and Dr Bérengère Bérieau (Ayurveda system) offer classes in herbal medicine, food and cosmetics twice a month at Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville.

The classes last for three hours, and cover a selection of the following topics, depending on the season:

  • philosophy of herbs for health
  • walk in the forest; identifying plants by their look, smell and taste; talking about their cultural significance, stories and legends
  • understanding which herbs are most commonly used by traditional healers and how
  • collect and bring to kitchen; making  herbal teas; making cosmetics for skin and hair care
  • methods and health benefits of different types of preparation and preservation
  • tasting herbal chutneys, dosas and pickles made by sustainable rural women’s enterprises
  • the role of women in traditional medicine
  • harmony, diet and good principles for seasonal health and well-being

Classes are usually every second Wednesday, in the afternoon, 2pm-5pm.

Both Dr Berengere and Parvathi are also available for individual consultations at Pitchandikulam. Also, we are considering doing longer, more intensive courses for serious students. To find out more, please see here or contact us.

For information about the next class, please check News & Notes, or send us an email.