The nursery has  seedlings of both TDEF and medicinal plants, which are sold locally and used in the preparation of herbal medicines for health camps.

For more information related to buying plants please give us a call to to this number:0413 262 2431





As the highest protein food in the world, Spirulina is the perfect all natural food supplement to help you reach your physical and mental potential..

1 gram of Spirulina provides the equivalent
nutrition of 1 kg of fruit and vegetables



Herbal Medicine


We work towards rehabilitating local indigenous traditions into healthcare
practices by providing quality, affordable and natural medicinal
herbal products, and contributing to the development of women and
BPL communities in the Kazhuveli bioregion by providing incomegenerating
opportunities and capacity building programs.

for more details please call us at 9443797573

Herbal food


We are a social enterprise, blending Siddha & traditional herbal knowledge to produce
pure and healthy food , and work towards the empowerment and self-suffi ciency of local
community. We are supported by Pitchandikulam forest a unit of Auroville Foundation.