SLI-The Sustainable Livelihood Institute

Pitchandikulam Forest is a founding partner organization and incubating support for the Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) which opened in 2015.

The SLI is an autonomously managed institute, jointly formed and emerging out of an ongoing dialogue between the Tamilnadu Rural Livelihood Mission and Auroville, in response to the urgent need for new approaches and thinking in rural development based on the principles of sustainability.

Sustainable livelihoods are able to provide, without further destroying the fragile environment, the means for a healthy way of life, a holistic development, and overall happiness for individuals and communities. SLI believes that to create such livelihoods is not a utopia, but a necessity and a realizable aim.



With Auroville as its wider campus, SLI aims to provide a place of learning, growing, teaching, research, experimentation and exchange in all aspects of sustainable livelihood. It will offer regular training programmes for government servants and communities, and platforms where new and pioneering approaches can be conceived and shared between practitioners, policy makers, community resource persons, and all those interested in solutions for a sustainable tomorrow.
The SLI aspires to be a bridge between Auroville and rural South Asia, confronting the chachallengesf globalisation through dynamic localisation, evolving solutions for a humanity in a rapidly changing world by drawing from the wealth of traditional sustainable knowledge as well as the inspirations of the future.

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