Coastal Environmental Education Centre (CEEC)

Developed and constructed in conjunction with The East West Foundation of India, the Coastal Environment Education Centre (CEEC) is based on the very successful program implemented by Pitchandikulam Forest.

The CEEC consists of an interpretation centre which will act as a centre of excellence to explain the dynamics of coastal ecosystems (sea, estuary, mangroves, sand dunes, freshwater and Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest). Primarily a learning centre for local school groups and a means of tackling environmental concerns in the area, the centre will also be set up to promote sustainable farming and fishing techniques. The Centre will also focus on restoring the natural habitat of the area with a planned nursery of indigenous coastal plant species. The centre will have dynamic outreach programs to encourage green initiatives, such as indigenous tree plantations, medicinal plant gardens, and kitchen herbal gardens. It will act as a repository for local indigenous knowledge on the ecology of the region. It will also showcase appropriate local renewable technologies – wind and solar power generation – as well as modern adaptations of traditional knowledge.


  1. Coastal Environment Education Centre: Planned Activities
  2. Training for Green Teachers
  3. Children’s Nature Camp / Summer Camp
  4. Research study on the Coastal Estuarine Ecosystem (Kaluvelli)
  5. Students / Teachers exchange program.
  6. Outreach program for surrounding coastal and inland village school students / eco club students through the centre.
  7. Environmental education and awareness programs for the surrounding villages.
  8. Coastal eco education for various groups like self help groups, panchayat members, farmers, fisher folk, school headmasters, teachers and students.
  9. The centre can be used by marine and other research scholars for their studies.
  10. Permanent exhibition on marine and coastal eco system for visiting groups and school children for their day program.
  11. Network with Pitchandikulam Bioresource Center – Auroville, Nadukuppam and other Environmental Resource and Research centre.
  12. Material preparation for headmasters and teachers from the schools of Kadapakkam panchayat.
  13. Exchange program at the centre for Nadukuppam, Pitchandikulam Bioresource Centre – Auroville and Uluru schools.
  14. The centre will deliver environmental education aims for the UBS schools’ education program.
  15. Production of environmental and coastal eco system education materials.
  16. Geographic information system (GIS) mapping of Kadapakkam and other coastal villages with relevant information for the community.