Wild Landscaping

With over forty years of experience in forest planting and landscaping, we love to help others to create beautiful, wild landscapes for their parks, towns and living spaces.

  • Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants design, build and maintain forests, wetlands, ponds, grasslands and mangroves.
  • The focus of our work is on planting appropriate, indigenous forests that belong to and thrive on this land.
  • We use up to 300 indigenous plant species from our nurseries, inviting back wildlife and allowing whole ecosystems to develop and flourish.
  • We specialize in water retention landscapes – we build lakes, ponds and dams in order to collect and facilitate maximum rainwater harvesting and ground water replenishment.
  • We design and implement projects and bring them to a point over several years where maintenance and the need for additional water is minimal.
  • Ultimately, our aim is to create natural systems that can look after themselves.
  • We have always been conscious of the people who live here and all our work goes hand in hand with local communities.
Our expertise Key features of our work

project design

implementation and maintenance

planting forests



nature interpretation centres

forty five years of eco-restoration experience

hundreds of species of indigenous plants

water retention (lakes, ponds, check dams)

minimal need for water

minimal maintenance

bringing back wildlife