Health Camps

Health Treatment Camps are regularly held in the villages of the Kazhuveli bioregion.

At every camp around 100 patients attend and are treated for about 20 major types of disease and ailments, including body aches, colds, general weakness, mouth ulcers, anaemia, women’s ailments and opthalmic problems.

About 30 varieties of herbal medicines are prepared at the Nadukuppam, Kottikuppam and Vandipalayam dispensaries by Pitchandikulam staff. In addition herbal and siddha medicine is purchased from IMPCOPS in Pondicherry.

The health camps are overseen by:

  • a general herbal specialist,
  • a specialist in women’s health and eye disease,
  • a general practitioner
  • a herbal paediatrician who can give advice as well as expert knowledge in herbal remedies

As a follow-up to the camps, Pitchandikulam Bioresource Centre health staff visit the patients in the ensuing weeks to ensure that the patients are administering their medicine correctly and to monitor their recovery and progress.