We offer training in sustainable social enterprise development, rural health traditions and the restoration and conservation of the bio-region to community groups, women’s self-help groups, NGOs and other local groups.

This can be done in our forest, in one of our regional centres or in your centre/villages as required.

Examples of training sessions we have given recently include:

  • Herbs for Health
    • For groups interested in enterprise development based on herbal-based health and medical products.
  • Herbal Beauty Care and Hygiene
    • For groups interested in enterprise development using traditional herbs and plants for beauty products.
  • Dairy Value-Addition & Ethno-Veterinary Practices
    • For small and medium dairy farmers interested in herbal veterinary practices and enterprise development
  • Remembering Our Future Garden
    • for Management and Senior Officials wanting to understand the potential of sustainable technologies and processes

To organise one of these sessions, or to find out more, please contact us, marking your message for the attention of Parvathi.