The Sustainable Enterprise Development in the Auroville Bioregion (SEDAB) project has come into place to provide sustainable livelihood to the communities in the two blocks of Vanur and Marakkanam in the Villupuram district that fall within the Kazhuveli bio-region of Tamil Nadu, India. This will be done over a 3 year period by utilizing the strengths of research, development and innovation within the Auroville community.

Implementing Agencies: Pitchandikulam Forest, Auroville Village Action Trust, Auroville Institute of Applied Technology. The Project is supported by Ministry of Rural Development & Tamilnadu Corporation for Development of Women.

SEDAB’s purpose is to provide sustainable livelihood to the poorest families in 41 villages of the two blocks of the Vanur and Marakkanam. To provide training and capacity building for setting up sustainable enterprises that enhance their present income and youth training for employment in other enterprises.


SEDAB enterprises are broadly divided into the categories of local natural resource based products and eco-friendly cottage industries based products. This has been designed to ensure that the local knowledge, skills and resources are best utilised to create new forms of enterprises that have sustainable factors built into to them. The utilisation of local knowledge and resources reduces the learning time for the community, as well as the external hand holding required for taking forward the enterprise idea.

The Pitchandikulam supported projects under SEDAB that have emerged are Amirtha and Meera Herbals and the Spirulina Unit at Nadukuppam.

To see more about Amirtha, Meera and Surya Spirulina, see here.

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