Adyar Eco Park

adyar composite

Pitchandikulam Forest Consultants are the lead consultants in the ecological restoration of 58-acres of the Adyar Creek estuary in Chennai. The ecological restoration has created will result in an eco-park that is a showcase ecosystem of the Coromandel Coast with fresh water ponds, brackish areas, mangroves, mud flats, dunes, and islands. The information centre provides an educational focus to the park and is a place where children can come to watch the Creek’s birds, turtles, reptiles and other animals. One of the highlights of the eco-park is the presence of water bodies surrounded by typical vegetation found in a Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest.

The Adyar wetland reserve is a significant link for birds on their great annual migrations, particularly the wading birds who feed on the coastal mudflats. Historically, approximately 200 species of migratory birds visited the Adyar Creek region but many are now on the endangered International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List. The restoration of this wetland will encourage many of these species to return.

onanThe fascinating ecology of the estuary includes mangroves and many creatures from mud skippers and crabs, to dragon like monitor lizards. Restoring these mangroves and estuarine vegetation will function as an important fish breeding habitat, provide a natural barrier against cyclones and storms, and play a major role in the cleaning of the Adyar river.

The park educates visitors through a working model of an environmentally sustainable building demonstrating water collection, conservation and treatment, energy efficient alternatives such as solar, bio-gas and wind, waste management techniques as well as showing options for eco-friendly building materials. The use of non-conventional energy is demonstrated in a practical way for visitors, especially children to see how energy is produced by sunlight, wind and bio-mass. The bioresource centre illustrates the uses of plants and their relationship to human kind through an interesting and fun display.