Nadukuppam Forest


We at Pitchandikulam have been active in Nadukuppam, near Marakkanam, since 2003.

Nadukuppam Forest is our largest forest and resource centre outside Auroville Р35 acres planted with Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest species and a huge variety of crops, such as vegetables, fruit orchards, rice, marigold and other plants as a demonstration of agro-forestry.

As a young forest, it can be used to demonstrate different issues in forest regeneration and land management than our mature forest in Auroville. Nadukuppam Forest is a showcase for bio-diversity, permaculture, innovative cropping patterns and appropriate technologies. The forest provides students, womens’ self help groups and the farming community with the opportunity to see a forest grow, as well as participating in workshops on sustainable agriculture.Nadukuppam_Forest

plantation nkplantation plantation03 digging nkforest2 pond