Environment Educational programs

Congested with people, vehicles and buildings, Chennai gasps for breath. But it still has some green areas that allow people
Joss Brooks, who through his brand of restoration ecology, has given a city dump an unimaginable makeover. Geeta Padmanabhan on
The Global Ecovillage Network (GEN) Auroville desk based in Pitchandikulam Forest has just successfully hosted a 5 week Ecovillage Design
  In 2006 Pitchandikulam began the transformation of an eroded, overgrazed 88 acre site at Mugaiyur into a thriving Eco-park.
M. Eric Ramanujam has been a wildlife illustrator and owl researcher for nearly two decades. Since 1997 he has been
Dr Bubesh Guptha specializes in researching biodiversity, birds, mammals, butterflies and reptiles. As Senior Wildlife Biologist at Pitchandikulam, he has undertaken surveys and studies
Nadukuppam High School The Pitchandikulam Forest team is involved in environmental education across more than 100 schools in the Bio-Region. The main
Our planted forest in Nadukuppam, as well as being at the heart of our social and environmental activities in South
  Our work in Nadakuppam to date Pitchandikulam has been working in the Nadukuppam area  since 2003. Since then, it
    Pitchandikulam Forest is a founding partner organization and incubating support for the Sustainable Livelihood Institute (SLI) which opened